1 MAGN = 0,00003429 BTC | 1 MAGN = 0,68 $ | 1 BTC = 19 750,9 $

Meet with Gamebon!

GameBon - is a digital derivative financial instrument with all the properties of a share issued by MAGNET in order to attract financial resources for the implementation of perspective projects. GameBon - is a tool that indicates the contribution of a certain number of shares in an enterprise that gives the owner the right to participate in the distribution of the company's profits. GameBon is an electronic certificate with a unique code for subsequent activation. After activating GameBon, you become a co-owner of the game platform developed by the company.

Total exists 750 000 shares

Which are divided into three stages of development.

  1. 1

    The first stage

    At the first stage, 250 000 shares, are allocated, costing 1 MAGN each.

  2. 2

    The second stage

    At the second stage 250 000 shares, are allocated, costing 3 MAGN each.

  3. 3

    The third stage

    At the third stage, 250 000 shares, are allocated, costing 5 MAGN each.

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A total of 750,000 shares of the company will be produced
1 Shares = 1 Gamebon

GameBon can be purchased on the company's website the MAGNETCOIN per crypto currency (MAGN)

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