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Meet Magnetcoin Company

Innovative approach to the instruments of investing in financial markets through crowdfunding.

Magnetcoin is created due to the tried-and-tested strategy and enormous experience of Internet-trading.

Welcome to MagnetCoin Company!

Our company is primarily a team of professionals and like-minded Internet trading. Our path began with a distant 2010, with a smooth start and the ascent to Olympus bitcoin. We started our professional activity with the crypto currency, when the peak of capacities was reached and the occupied areas switched to internet trading and development of their own tools for investing in online market segments.

MagnetCoin, despite its youth, is actively developing and gaining momentum among the opportunities for earnings on its own crypto currency and investment offers from the company. Teamwork and cohesion with a common idea helped to achieve such investment directions for you:


PoS-mining allows you to earn crypto-coins without buying expensive equipment. Thus, you eliminate yourself from complex technical issues. All you need is buying MagnetCoin coins and they will work for you.

Internet Trading

MagnetCoin company offers you independent trading on crypto-exchange exchanges, and also entrust your investments to professional Internet-traders of the company.


You can become a co-owner of the company's products by purchasing a GameBon from MagnetCoin. In other words, it is a digital derivative financial instrument possessing all the properties of a share issued by MAGNET in order to attract financial resources for the implementation of promising projects. The first investment project of MAGNET will be connected with the gaming industry, in which a game platform with online games is developed.

MagnetCoin is a confident step forward, and are you with us?

The next investment project is to unite producers and consumers of goods and services. Due to the fact that the exchange is made using the crypto currency, the pricing does not take into account the taxation and the product you need is obtained at a lower cost. Also, any transactions occurring in the crypto currency are much cheaper than the usual bank transfers and transfers of payment systems. Proceeding from this, buy goods and services at the lowest prices!

You can deal with crypto currency differently - you cannot understand it, be afraid of it or avoid it. But the crypto currency is a new stage in the evolution of means of payment and the fact of its existence and development CANNOT be ignored!

What drives us

Our goals, ideas and love of technology

Our mission

Expand the boundaries of the use of crypto currency and introduce it into everyday life.

Our goals

To acquaint as many people as possible with the concept and the possibility of a crypto currency.

Our values

The trust shown to us by clients and their confidence in the stability of a joint long-term partnership.

We are always looking for talents!

Do you know what it takes to work with us? Excellent! Send us a link to your resume or portfolio to become a part of our large team of talents.

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Road map