1 MAGN = 0,0000218 BTC | 1 MAGN = 0,16 $ | 1 BTC = 7 525,97 $
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MAGN Web Wallet

Our team besides its own cryptocurrency also offers a personal web wallet.

Why use our web wallet?

It is a convenient and one of the safest and anonymous tools for storing your funds.

Now you can store MAGN (MagnetCoin) and BTC (Bitcoin) cryptocurrency in one system, in a single wallet.

24/7 Support

Any your question can be solved quickly and skillfully. To do this, you just need to ask your question in the chat or on the mail of the support.

Easy and affordable

We thought through, designed and developed a very accessible interface, in which even a child can figure out without much effort.


We make using Magnetcoin safe, simple and convenient. Your transaction will be made to a specific addressee anywhere in the world.