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Offer document

Basic Concepts

  1. Accepting the terms of this agreement, you agree to use website of company MagNet and any of his provided services (not including API service in case if you agreed on another set of conditions) according to these Terms of Service and Usage.
  2. We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time according our discretion. Any such changes concerning Services which you`re using become operational starting from the moment of publishing on Company`s official website.
  3. In your responsibility to read the Terms and conditions carefully every time when you are going to use products of MagNet site. If you are continuing to use Services, it means your total approval of current conditions.
  4. Refusal or delay in providing full or partial compliance any of Terms and Conditions positions should not be understanding as any abdication of responsibilities for member.


  1. All references on “network”, “community”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “MAGNET”, “MagNetCoin” means company property or its rights, Company registered according to legal system of the Republic of Seychelles, legal address is GLOBAl GATEWAY 8, Rue De la Perle, Providence, Mahe,Seychelles ,business license № 194881.
  2. All references on “you”, “your”, “member” means person or group of persons, which using website and/or using website services.
  3. All references on “website” includes links on all URL-addresses and managing by the MAGNET company.
  4. “Work day” means day, except holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  5. “Services” means any function provided by us on website or any specialized application (installed in your personal device), including wallet service MagNetCoin, except API services, which are regulating by separate agreement.
  6. “Communication” includes communication on the registered e-mail and through an online consultant.
  7. “Force Majeure” means any event beyond reasonable control of MAGNET, including: floods, extraordinary weather conditions, earthquakes, fires, war, insurrection, riot, labor dispute, accident, government action, power outage, communications or equipment, software malfunction or other.


  1. Hereby you agreed and acknowledged that you:
  2. Has statutory age and has legal rights to agree on this Conditions
  3. Previously were not be suspended or deleted/removed from using our services
  4. If you are not using services on behalf of a legal entity, you also state and warrant that:
  5. A legal entity duly registered and operating legally in accordance with the laws of its jurisdiction of organization.
  6. You are duly authorized to act on behalf of such legal entity.


  1. This Conditions and your website using and services should be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legal system of the Republic of Seychelles.
  2. If on the decision of the court in the Republic of Seychelles, any part of this condition will become invalid or impracticable, full or partial, it should not be affect able for other parts of these conditions.


  1. Full information about Confidentiality policy published on magnetcoin.net.
  2. We are making efforts to take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the safety of any information you provide on the site. You accept the risks inherent to security in information providing through Internet and will not be shifting responsibility on us for any security violation, if it’s not related with our carelessness.


  1. You accept and confirm that exists risks connected with using of Internet-wallet MagNetCoin and services, including (but not limited to) risk of hardware failure, Software and Internet connections, risk of malware introduction, and also risk that third parties unauthorized access to stored information in your personal account, including (but not limited to) your wallet (login authorization, password, pin-code, payment system information, account information).
  2. You accept and confirm that MAGNET is not responsible for any communication errors, interruptions, errors, distortions or delays, that may arise while you are using the services or doing actions which caused them.
  3. We will make all reasonable efforts to verify reliability of any information on the website, but we do not make any representation or warranties of any kind, obvious or implied by the law or otherwise, concerning the website contents, information and functions that are available on website, any hyperlinks to third party websites, nor for any security breach related to the transmission of information through the website or any website linked to the Site.
  4. We will not take any responsibility to you for any kind of losses because of using our services, including (but not limited to), which led to losses and claims, arising from:
  5. User mistakes, such as: forgotten password, incorrectly constructed operations, premature confirmation of operations, absence of contact with a counterparty or wrong typed address Magnetcoin.com;
  6. Server failure or data loss;
  7. Damaging of wallet files;
  8. Unauthorized access to the service;
  9. Any unauthorized third party activity, including without limitations, using of viruses, phishing, bruteforcing or other methods of attacking website or services;
  10. We are not giving any warranties that a website or server that makes it available is free from viruses or bugs, that content there is accurate, that it will be robust or that the defects will be fixed.
  11. We will not be responsible for any kind of losses because of unaccepted or accepted actions, depends on material or information contained on a site.
  12. All possible warranties, terms and conditions (explicit or implied) hereby are excluded to the maximum possible extent according to Republic of Seychelles legislation.
  13. We will not be responsible for arrangements or offenses (including any kind of negligence) fraudulent schemes or emerging situation because of negligent members.
  14. We are excluding or limiting our liability: for death or bodily harm caused by negligence, misleading and any other kind of action according to Republic of Seychelles legislation.


  1. You agree to shield MAGNET (and our functionary, directors, members, employees, agents, affiliated persons) from any pretension, incorrect attitude, demands, actions, damages, losses, expenses and spend including (without limitation) rational legal costs, follows from/ or because of:
  2. Using our services;
  3. Demonstration any kind of chatting or “back contact”, or another material;
  4. Your violation hereof conditions;
  5. Violations of the rights an other member or organization;
  6. If you have to make a compensation for us, we have a right to use for compensation your wallet, control any actions or judgment proceeding (for our expense), and determine how come to terms.


  1. You can review contents or using services of third parties, including links on websites or services, while you are using our services.
  2. We are not controlling and disapproving, and we are not taking liabilities for material and contents which could: mislead, to give incomplete or incorrect information, offensive or indecent material in your jurisdiction.
  3. Besides, your relations or chatting with third parties develops only between you and Third Parties. We are not responsible for any losses or any kind damage, arisen as result of such operations.
  4. You are taking all risks with using contents or interactions with third parties on you.


  1. If you want use wallet serviсe, you should register on magnetcoin.com to get an access to Service “Private Account”.
  2. You can register 2 (two) wallet account from one real ip-address.
  3. Attention! For one person you can register only 1 (one) account.
  4. To register your Private Account highly recommended to you following precautionary measures, because non-compliance could lead to loss of access and/or your wallet control.
  5. Create strong password (not less than 8 symbols), you should not use it for any another website, e-mail or internet service.
  6. Give accurate and truthful information while you are filling up a profile, verify your profile data.
  7. Keep and update timely your information in Private Account and wallet.
  8. Support security of your Private Account, protect your password and access to your computer, e-mail and wallet.
  9. Immediately inform us if you will detect or suspect any wallet security violation.
  10. Use wallet`s file backup and protect your backup files as you can protect the most important personal information.
  11. You need to input pin-code when you create Private Account and each new next authorization to get access to your wallet.
  12. Hereby you agree and acknowledge that you take a responsible for all action in your personal account and accept all risks of any authorized or unauthorized access to your personal account and wallet, to the maximum possible extent.


  1. The MagNetCoin cryptocurrency is an intangible, digital asset. It exists only because of virtue property recording supported by MagNet network.
  2. Transaction processing makes by using cryptographic protocol which belongs, controls and managed by MagNet.
  3. MagNet network use decentralized networks of independent third parties.
  4. You can look full conditions for using Private Account and wallet on magnetcoin.net.
  5. Bargain.
  6. To finish bargain you should confirm all proposed conditions in private account or in a wallet and written in section “My transaction”.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that you will control all bargain stages and because of different obstacles bargain sometimes could not be finished or could be delayed. You can use all available services to prevent similar situations.
  8. Relations.
  9. In this conditions nothing means establishment of an official partnership, collective enterprise, agency, consulting or trusteeship Member and MagNet are independent contractor towards each other.
  10. Information accuracy.
  11. You represent and warrant that all information you provide while used Services is accurate and complete. You accept and confirm that MagNet is not responsible for any errors or omissions which you can get with any transaction initiated with MAGNET help, for example, if you made a mistake in data entering or another wrong information.
  12. We strongly urge you to read all bargain detail before complete it with Service.
  13. Cancellation or modification.
  14. When bargain details were confirmed in private account or wallet by Sevices, we cannot cancel or change any another way your bargain details.
  15. MAGNET has not any control on operation between members and has no possibility to speed up, cancel or change orders.
  16. Taxes.
  17. It`s on your responsibility to identify does it exist in this operation. Taxes refers to information which specifying in bargain details, and it`s your responsibility to inform and transfer correct tax in to conforming tax authority.
  18. You agree that MAGNET is not responsible for identifying whether taxes are applied for bargain transaction or collection, reporting, retention or transfer any taxes, arising from any transactions through the Services.


  1. 11.1 The tariff for creation and using is 0.00 y.e.
  2. Now MAGNET is not taking payments for any services but we reserve the rights to do it in future.
  3. Information about all changes will be on MAGNET site.


  1. Any of our services we can at our discretion and no cost to you change or stop, with or without prior notice and in any time, temporarily or permanently.
  2. You have full responsibility for keeping your backup information for authorization in personal account or wallet outside services.
  3. We can suspend or stop Service access immediately and without prior notice in our own discretion, and delete or deactivate your private cabinet and all information, files and account if you will violate any aforesaid Conditions.
  4. We can delete any Service providing at our discretion, without warning and explanation of the reasons.


  1. When you get an access and use Services you agree that you will not be doing any wrongful acts and that you are responsible for your attitude in Service using time. Aforesaid without limitation you agree that you will not be:
  2. Using our services by ways which can prevent, derail, adversely affect or discourage other users to use our services fully or can lead to damage, disable or derail any form functionality of our services.
  3. Using our services for payments, supporting or otherwise participate in illegal actions including (but not limited to) illegal gambling, fraud, money-laundering, or terrorist activities.
  4. Using any applications, specialized software or automated tools for not giving us access to our services or to the necessary personal information, for extracting personal data of community members with subsequent dissemination of confidential information;
  5. Use or try to use private account or wallet of another member without his/her permission.
  6. Try to bypass any content filtering methods which we are using or try to get access to any service or area of our services where you have no authorized access.
  7. Create and implement in service any virus, Trojan, spam-mailer or another malicious programs or material;
  8. Create and implement third party utilities which cooperate with our services without our prior written consent;
  9. Provide false, inaccurate or misleading information, and also mislead about community mission, its functioning, damage the image of MAGNET crypto currency community;
  10. Motivate and encourage any third party to participate in any activity prohibited under the section.


  1. All rights on intellectual property which is on a site or in any content are the property of MAGNET or our licensors and suppliers because of our services. It is protected by the current legislation about intellectual property.
  2. We do not give any implied license to use the content of the site.
  3. You accept and confirm that the posted on the Website materials become available only for your personal, legal, non-commercial use, and that only you can use this material and content for your own purposes. You acknowledge that any other use of the site materials is strictly prohibited, and you agree not to violate or prevent others from violating our intellectual property rights.
  4. You agree with need for saving all copyrights and other proprietary rights contained in website material and content and on all its copies.
  5. You have the right to slightly change the material, but in such a way that it does not damage the image of the community and does not infringe the MAGNET intellectual property rights.
  6. Any information copying should contain a source link.
  7. You cannot sale or change materials on official website or copy website or publicly display, distribute or use materials for public or commercial activities.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to use materials for an purpose on other websites, file sharing services or a similar services.
  9. You cannot copy any materials or content posted on the Site without our written permission. MAGNET are fully protected any rights on the materials not provided herein but contained on website.
  10. Besides, you refuse to any moral rights to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of Republic of Seychelles, that you can have because of work type and also confirm that your work is completely original, that no one has any rights at work, and that all participants of MAGNET is free from any royalties when implementing the work and using the relevant materials of the company.
  11. If it`s desired or as envisaged, MAGNET, without obtaining permission or license from any third party, may modify or implement the work in any way.
  12. You also acknowledge that MAGNET may, as a sub-licensee, use any your submitted work and material.


  1. If due to any force majeure circumstances, you or MAGNET delays or suspends compliance with any of these Terms, such delay or non-performance shall not be considered as violation of these Terms.


  1. These Terms represent the entire agreement between you and MAGNET against the subject of these Terms and these Terms and Conditions cancel and replace any previous agreements between you and MAGNET.
  2. You cannot solely use any of your rights or obligations under these Terms, without our prior written consent.