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Magnetcoin - new opportunities for
investing and generating income in the crypto currency.

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    On the Internet-trading

    You are buying and selling coins on the stock exchange earning on the difference in rates.

    The constantly changing course of the crypto currency is more profitable for earning. This way of earning income is used by more and more beginner Internet traders. Independently trading in a currency on the exchange, you earn on fluctuations in the exchange rate. To receive income from independent Internet trading it is recommended to have certain experience and skills, it is also necessary to understand that this method and possible risks are borne by you.

  2. 2

    With the company's traders

    Invest your money in the company's investment portfolios. Professional traders of MagnetCoin will provide you with a certain percentage of the profit.

    By investing in offers from MagnetCoin you receive income from the work of the company's traders. This cooperation with the company implies transparent terms of partnership and guarantee of the security of deposits from losses on the exchange, on the part of traders MagnetCoin.

  3. 3

    On POS-mining of MAGN cryptocurrency

    Installing a wallet on a PC, purchasing and storing cryptocurrency on a local wallet.

    The algorithm of POS-mining is identical with the deposit system of the bank. You receive a certain percentage for storing funds in your local wallet account. In order to profit in POS-mining, MAGN crypto currencies can be affected by such factors as the total number of coins and the current complexity of the network. Self mining occurs when a PC is connected to a network, no extra power or performance is required.

  4. 4

    On buying the shares of the company

    By purchasing GameBon you will become a co-owner of the company's products and participate in a shared partnership.

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By purchasing a trading offer you trust your investments to professional traders of the company, while earning a stable interest according to the investment plan of the purchased package.

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A total of 750,000 shares of the company will be produced.
1 Shares = 1 Gamebon


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